About Lachlan Jarvis

Lachlan Jarvis is the owner and director of Lyonswood Investigations & Forensics. He began working at Lyonswood in 2009 and became the owner of Lyonswood in 2013. In addition to being a licensed investigator, Lachlan has completed a Diploma in Law (LPAB) and a Bachelor of Arts (English).

Lachlan’s relationship with Lyonswood began with a short period of work experience. He was immediately fascinated by the strategic and problem solving elements of the investigation process and his fascination with investigative work continues to this day.

Working in a broad discipline like general investigations enables the Lyonswood team members to learn as they work. Lyonswood conducts a broader range of investigative work than other firms and its leadership has always held a firm belief that the ability to solve as many of a client’s problems as possible is key to being an effective investigator.

Lachlan was one of the numerous investigators lucky enough to have been trained by the late Warren Mallard, the founder of Lyonswood and an investigator for over forty years. One of Warren’s many admirable traits was his penchant for introducing investigators to the industry. Lachlan fully appreciates that he would not have ended up in investigations without Warren’s guidance and friendship.

As the owner/operator of Lyonswood, Lachlan has discovered that running a business is an exercise in problem solving, in some ways not unlike conducting an investigation. These days Lachlan spends more time managing investigations than conducting them.

On those rare occasions when he isn’t looking into shady dealings of some description, Lachlan enjoys listening to music, watching sports on TV and reading the news, sometimes all at once.

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